About Denise

I am a channel for the Divine Transcendental Beings of Love to move through me to share their Medicine with All.  It is my life’s work to share this very pure Love frequency with all my relations.  To facilitate this, I utilize an array of ancient healing modalities based in Shamanism, Buddhism, Christianity, Japanese Medicine, Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, and other healing ways.  I am a Jaguar Shaman, Bodhisattva, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Ordained Minister, and other Earthly titles to help others understand how I can be of service.  My relationship with the spirit world has been a lifelong journey.

The spirits initiated me into their world via a few Grand Mal seizures beginning from when I was 2 years old.  They taught me how to alter consciousness without the aid of a sonic device (i.e. a drum).  When my mother tucked me into bed at night, I would wait until the house was dark, quiet, and still, and I would journey into the spirit world and spend hours with my spirit friends.  Looking forward to every experience in the spirit world, I began the consciuos act of this practice since early childhood.  I experienced many adventures and learned many things, but this practice was a secret of mine for nearly two decades.

A perfect succession of events began to unfold in 2000 after another spiritual initiation.  I became sick with symptoms no western doctor could diagnose.  Unable to function in everyday life, I completely changed every aspect of my life in hopes of somehow becoming well again.  More perfectly aligned events occurred that brought me to learn Reiki.  It was through Reiki, meditation, music, yoga, and self exploration that I somehow began to slowly get better.  I was led to a path of Wicca from which I was quickly brought to my destiny in Shamanism.  Since learning shamanic healing techniques, I have made a full recovery.

While the majority of the teachings have been directly from Spirit, I have had the pleasure of working with many gifted Shamans, Wisewomen, and spiritual healers.  Some of these Earth teachers include Adam Kane, Janet StraightArrow, Don Oscar Miro-Queseda, Diego Palma, Ivan Shuhls, and Robin Rose Bennett.  I continue to tread the never-ending path of learning and growth.  I continue to weave my childhood lessons from spirit world with new teachings and medicine to create a shamanic healing art with my dear spirit friends.

Much is learned through my work with Madre (Mother) Ayahuasca since my trip to Peru in 2011, in addition to many others from the Rooted Nations, Animal Nations, Stone Medicines, Beings of Love from the Angelic and Buddha realms, High Master Teachers, Galactic Wisdom Teachers, Gurus, and more.  These Medicines, in addition to archetypical Creation Ones including Ancient Egyptian and Mayan Medicine, fuse together as Ancient Wisdom Keepers, Elders, and Sacred Ones of Love, who continually mentor me in the art of shepherding our people to their innate birthright as Divine Beings of Love.  To me, all these powerful Medicines are reflections of the Great Spirit/Universe within each of us and all around us in every moment.

It is an honor for me to be a pure conduit for Spirit to miraculously help the people, the animals, and the Earth find their natural place of harmony, love, and peace.


3 thoughts on “About Denise

  1. Denise, I rec’d a gift of white/goose feather fan from a dear friend and I love your creation … just wanted to acknowledge your creative artistic ability and deep connection to Native American tradition. Blessings, Elsie

  2. Any recommendations for when I visit San Antonio this week? The tribe is Tonkawa, which means “The people of the wolf.” There are also some Payaya, part of the Coahuiltecans. Meditating and drumming with you is always a blessing.

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