Animal Medicine

Animals are Earth Angels.  They are innocent, pure, unconditionally loving beings who bless our lives with their presence.  Our animal companions have a great deal to share with us, but this requires a healthy right relationship for both parties to receive and express the fullest potential of our time together.

Too often, I see dogs yanking on their leashes, dashing away from their humans, and otherwise not responding to the commands being frustratingly shouted by their humans – and then ignored.  Not only does this destroy the sacred bond between (wo)man and dog, but it can also create a perilous situation when cars, dogs, wildlife, other people, etc. are at play.  By taking the time and effort you agreed to when you took in this sacred life as your companion to care for, it is vital to honor your promise to care for your dog and keep him/her safe in as many situations as you are able.  This promise must include, at minimum, basic obedience training.

Too many people push off obedience training as secondary when, in my opinion, nothing could be more important.  I’m not talking about your average obedience class with 10+ other dogs where a lot of the time is seen as boring to your dog.  This venue doesn’t work all the time or is forgotten quickly.  I’m talking about engaging and honoring your sacred relationship with your beloved companion and learning how to communicate effectively and clearly with each other.  If you are to live and cohabitate together, basic obedience training is essential.  Your dog is willing to learn and please you by nature.  You simply need to take the proverbial reigns as the more evolved species and compassionately and respectfully work with your dog to nurture those loving bonds that last a lifetime.

Every dog is trainable.  You just have to communicate in effective, respectful ways with each other.  I will teach you how.

Enlightened Whole-istic Dog Training

I have over 20 years experience in training dogs ranging from basic obedience, to agility training, to common behavior problem corrections, to civilian-style police dog training (Schutzhund Training).  The way I work with dogs is in a very “Whole-istic” fashion.  I take a moment and assess their energy, their demeanor, what drives them, and anything else I intuit from my animal communication gifts.  These bits of information are used in a personal way to understand how each dog communicates and what techniques will work best.  The training methods are used to create clear, effective communication between human and dog while accessing and understanding them on intimate levels.  I consider my father to be a dog whisperer in his own right, and I have learned much from his wisdom in how to speak in the canine language.  My father’s method of dog training is strikingly similar to the methods expressed by Caesar Millan, and I incorporate their styles into my own way of communicating with the dog in a respectful, compassionate way.

At this time, I am offering private in-home instruction in the following areas:

  • House-Breaking (or ‘Potty Training’) for dogs ages 8 weeks and up
  • Basic Obedience Course (five basic commands: sit, down, stay, come, heel)
  • Staying On Property (without use of electric fence)
  • Basic Agility Course
  • Common Behavior Problem Corrections (i.e. play biting, jumping, separation anxiety, minor fear aggression)

Potty Training

Dogs ages 8 weeks + can be easily trained to go to the bathroom outside usually in about 1-2 weeks when the techniques are applied consistently.  I will show you in one session those techniques along with respectful correction tools and other potty training tips within a single 1-hour session in your home.

Basic Obedience Course

During an obedience course, I will demonstrate how to communicate a leadership role with your companion (so s/he will see you as the ‘alpha dog’), effective and simple ways to train your dog the basic commands (sit, stay, come, down, and heel), while also providing instruction on how to communicate clearly and effectively with your beloved companion.  This course is done in an hour session on a weekly basis in approximately 3-5 weeks depending on the dog, the handler, and the use of consistency between sessions.  One or more extra sessions can be added if the handler wishes to progress into off-leash work.

Staying On Property

Many dogs, when communicated effectively, are able to learn the boundaries of any property and to stay within those boundaries with your presence with them and without the use of an electric fence.  This single 1-hour session will walk you through tips and techniques of clearly marking the perimeter of your property and how to communicate to your dog to stay within the perimeter.

Basic Agility Course

Agility is a super fun way for humans and dogs to enhance their communication skills while getting exercise in a fun, stimulating way!  I love using Agility to also further enhance off-leash work and basic obedience training.  While making use of a local dog park that has access to agility obstacles, I will demonstrate how to communicate to your dog what you are asking him/her to do on the agility course. This will instill confidence in your companion while strengthening your communication and relationship with each other in a beautiful way.  This course is done in an hour session on a weekly basis in approximately 3 weeks depending on the dog, the handler, and the use of consistency between sessions.

Common Behavior Problem Corrections

Sometimes, our beloved companions have a few issues they need to work through.  Helping them work through these challenges, in my opinion, is one of the kindest things we can do for our dogs.  It’s how we can help heal them.  Depending on the nature and intensity of the behavior challenge, I will work with you and your dog to help you both understand each other and communicate your needs more effectively to help you, together, move beyond the challenges of common behavior problems including play biting, jumping, separation anxiety, and minor fear aggression.  Depending on the case, I will sometimes employ the use of gentle energy medicine for the dog – especially for highly sensitive and/or nervous dogs.  After my initial assessment, we will discuss how often and how many sessions will be needed.

Animal Energy Medicine

Our beloved companions need rebalancing at times; after stressful situations, moving to a new home, moving through health challenges, preparing to pass over, and more.  Just like people, they can feel scared, nervous, anxious, overall not well, and it’s hard for them to communicate their needs.  As an animal communicator and trainer, I listen to their heart and open my heart to intuit their needs.  I apply whatever energy medicine is called for; Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Massage, or any combination as called.  Sessions typically last about 30 minutes, but can go up to a full hour depending on the severity of the case.

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