Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Services Offered:

    • Healing Ceremonies
    • Readings
    • Pet/Animal Healing
    • House Blessing
    • Grief Counseling

If you’re ready to embrace the adventure of returning to Harmony, Peace, and Balance, you have found the place and the person who can facilitate the guidance you seek.  It is one of my Divine purposes to bring forward the Medicine from the Doctoring Spirits of Love, Medicine Elders, Enlightened Beings, Angelic Ones, and Ascended Masters in a variety of ways.

Healing Ceremonies

Using a wide array of healing tools, (including Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Drum Medicine, and Shamanic Healing Ways such as power/soul retrieval, extraction healing, and more), we call in the Medicine and ask for help.  The help comes in whatever way is appropriate for each person in each ceremony.  Tools, techniques, and teachings are shared as guided to empower you to allow the Medicine received in the session to flow and manifest in your being and life.  The Medicine provides the help where it’s needed, and your whole being responds with the tools and teachings so that in the end, you are healing yourself.  I am guided to work this way so that you are empowered to know how to stimulate your own, innate healing process throughout the rest of your life.

Here’s some information about some of the healing tools that may be used:

  • The Sacred Pipe is used in every healing ceremony.  It is my way of engaging the Medicine in the most sacred way I know how.  I work with the Sacred Pipe on your behalf to express your intentions, prayers, requests for healing in a powerful, heart-centered way.  The Sacred Pipe sets the stage for the Sacred to enter the ceremony to help you in the ways you need.
  • Reiki is a term used to describe an ancient Japanese energy healing practice where the practitioner, attuned to channel Reiki energy, opens herself to allow “Universal Life Force Energy” to flow through her and into the client to aid the client in healing.
  • Sound healing can come in many forms.  When Denise opens herself up to the Medicine Ones, they often bring healing to a client through song.  It is in the tones and pitches of these unique songs that enable healing to occur at a cellular level; thereby manifesting healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • The drum is a powerful and ancient tool used by Shamans worldwide in a variety of ways.  Allowing the healing to move through the drum and into a client is a way to break up the old energy and inspire the power and soul of a client to return.
  • Crystals have been used for milennia to stimulate the body’s innate healing ability.  The energy of a crystal, when introduced to a client’s energy field, creates a healing effect based on the energy of the crystal.
  • Shamanic Power/Soul Retrieval is a term used to describe a process where the Shaman journeys into the spirit worlds to return lost power or soul parts that have fragmented during traumatic periods in life.
  • Shamanic Extraction Healing is a shamanic term used to describe a process where the Shaman, as guided by the Spirits of Love, removes foreign energy that creates disharmony within a client and transmutes that energy into Love.
  • Chakra Re-balancing is a specific tool to align the vital energy centers in our body.  We have 7 primary chakras, or energy centers, in our body along the spine.  When our chakras are in balance, so are we.  When we feel out of sync, clearing and balancing our chakras enable harmony to rest within us again.  The chakras are worked on to clear out the dense and negative energies, then rebalanced to a state of harmony.

Healing sessions are facilitated at the Swiftwind Therapy Office located at 45 Carey Ave., Suite 114 in Butler, NJ.  The energy of this sacred space is experienced as deeply nurturing, safe, loving, and all encompassing of the Great Medicine Ones of Love.

Full sessions typically run approximately 3 hours.  Full sessions enable a depth of healing to be reached on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

For those who feel they need a simple “energetic tune-up”, or for those who wish to gift another with an energy medicine session, a more simple healing ceremony that includes rebalancing, restorative work utilizing any of the above-referenced healing tools is best served with a 90-minute session.

I honor all religious and spiritual traditions.  Sessions are designed as to not disrupt or dissolve any personal belief systems.  I believe in unifying the underlying basics of every religion and spiritual belief system in accordance to natural and cosmic laws.


Whether you are facing a challenging decision or simply need guidance in one or more areas of your life, a reading can be very helpful.  Denise calls on your Spirits Guides of Love to come speak with her; be it through cards, directly with her, or a wide array of divination mediums so their message is clear and empowered.

For those looking for guidance regarding their life path, I work with my guidance to help you understand your innate gifts that are meant to be shared.  It is in that sharing where our Divine purpose comes in to play.  The reading is designed to help you remember your passion and help set some practical goals to help you align with your Divine purpose.  Some of those tools include tarot readings, mayan corn divination, and mediumship.

Readings can be done either over the phone or in-person at the Swiftwind Therapy office in Butler, NJ.

Pet/Animal Healing

Our beloved animal friends also need healing.  Sometimes they take on some of our energetic disharmony so we might be healthier.  During a session, the Medicine Ones of Love are called in.  Gentle, soothing, relaxing energywork via Reiki, sound healing, and shamanic healing ways are desgined to stimulate your companion’s innate ability to heal and transform any energy that does not serve.  Due to the delicate nature of this work, sessions run approximately 1 hour.

House Blessing

It is not uncommon to enter a home or building and feel a coldness, heaviness, emptiness, or even eeriness.  These are all signs that a house blessing is needed.  As guided by her helping spirits, Denise will facilitate a healing ceremony to bring in a lightness, warmth, and “homey feeling” back into a home or building.  Denise will travel to the site requested for healing.  Based on what work is being called for, sessions typically run 3 hours.

Grief Counseling

Grief is something not commonly understood in this country.  Grief is a deeply transformational and healing process that has a timeframe of its own.  In ceremony, Denise will open herself up to channel any final words the dearly departed may wish to say to the living friends and family.  In a beautiful, gentle ceremony, the healing spirits will bring those affected by a passing of a loved on into a place of harmony and acceptance.  Healing is simultaneously given to the dearly departed so their journey can be taken in Love.  Sessions typically run approximately 3 hours.

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