Teaching Program

Medicine of the Elders: Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel
With Denise A. Saracco, Jaguar Shaman

Shamanic healing is the most ancient healing modality here on planet Earth.  Our ancestors practiced Shamanism since before recorded history and can be seen through cave paintings from the prehistoric era.  Despite all the changes humanity has undergone, Shamanic practices remain in today’s modern society.  Why?  It works and it helps.  It is the ancient anchor to which we can access our interconnectedness with all living, sentient beings.

This program is offered to provide those called to the ancient healing ways of the Shaman an opportunity for profound connection, healing, transformation, as well as the ability to open a space for this to happen for others as well.  By the end of the program, you will be well-equipped to open their own healing practice as a shamanic practitioner as called.

On the surface, you will learn both traditional and non-traditional shamanic healing concepts from around the world; including power and soul retrieval, extraction healing, psychopomp, shapeshifting, sound healing, crystal healing, various clearing ceremonies, authentic spirit channeling, and so much more.  Shamanic healing ways from Native Americans, Mayans, Peruvian Shamans, Ancient Egyptian healing ways, Sacred Geometry, Angelic Realms, Buddhist practices, Nature Spirits, and more will be explored.

At the heart of this intense program is the opportunity to strip illusions of self and world to open a space for immense healing and transformation to occur on all levels.  This two-year journey requires strong focus, dedication, pure intention, and full commitment to allow the transformation to blossom organically.  This journey is not for the faint of heart.  Your personal healing journey will aid the transformational process as you clear away what does not serve you, and begin to understand your true self and your purpose this lifetime.  When the inner and/or outer realities become challenged, there needs to remain a commitment to the work as it will help usher you through to the other side.  This experience fosters a deeply humble, heart-centered, and grateful connection with self and Spirit.

There will be initiatory experiences to both heighten and deepen your awakening, healing, and learning process along the way.  These experiences are rites of passage that are connected to our Shamanic ancestors from long ago.  This itself can be life-changing if it is allowed to be.

This opportunity is done in a private session held on a recurring basis at a day and time best for everyone.  If you are ready to have a deep, intense experience designed exlusively for your needs, your gifts, your transformational journey, and your purpose, contact Denise Saracco below to schedule a consultation.

Contact Denise A. Saracco
Email: swiftwindtherapy@gmail.com
Phone: 862-268-3213

“You are a Wonderful Teacher.  You are showing me what is really the true path to becoming a Shaman.  The Knowledge and Wisdom that you have to share is truly amazing.  Again, thank you.” – B.B.



8 thoughts on “Teaching Program

  1. hello,
    can you please explain alittle more in detail how this will be taught in a store?
    and what type of commitment will it entail every 3 to 4 weeks?
    and the cost please…
    very interested..
    mitakuye oyasin

    tracy 🙂

  2. Hi Denise,

    I would love to have more information regarding this program. If you could include dates, meeting times and pricing it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much,

  3. Hello Denise,
    I’m interested in this program, could you please send me a bit more information? Specifically, cost, what areas of practice are covered, and if there are any requirements to participate? Thank you very much!

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